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Mumbai: In an interview given to a news channel recently, Shah Rukh Khan literally bared his heart out about the ongoing tussle between him and Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan.

Saying every word with the same conviction as ever, SRK spoke about the kind of relationship, or rather, vibes he shares with Sallu Bhai. On being asked if he would ever patch up with Salman Khan – he simply said, “We have no common ground.”

He went on justifying his statement saying, “Salman is a wonderful guy, I don`t have any issues with him. It’s just that sometimes two good, nice kinds of people, run parallel and parallels don`t meet.”

Many speculate about ego hassles between the stars, but Shah Rukh completely trashed it, saying, that there was never such an issue with him. He said, “I have spent some really good times with him. His family`s always been kind to me and I know deep inside my heart that he`ll never wish me ill like I never wish him ill. We`re happy inour respective places. But sometimes two people who are really fond of each other just don`t get along too well.”

‘Warring Khans’ is for real or is it a myth? This is one question that will always bother the tinsel town.


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