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After the departure of his two lovely dogs, ‘Myson and Myjaan’, Salman Khan was very much depressed. The pets were very close to his heart but he soon filled up the empty space with a new puppy which he has named ‘Veer’.

There are many reasons behind naming his new dog ‘Veer’, firstly after the arrival of ‘Veer’, the long time tension between Salman and director Anil Sharma ended. Secondly, the puppy was not keeping well ever since it was brought to Salman Khan’s residence but after the film release, his condition improved.

Says a source close to Salman, “Making Veer was not easy for Salman. Throughout the film he had altercations with the director Anil Sharma who finally filmed only a portion of the story that Salman wrote. There were heated abusive arguments between the star and director almost till the end of shooting.”

Continues the source, “Suddenly after the puppy arrived things began to improve between Salman and Anil Sharma. The atmosphere on location became cordial and the last lap of the film was completed in peace. From then onwards Salman considered the new dog in his life lucky.”

The box office collection of ‘Veer’ gradually improved and Salman attributes the success of Veer to his new dog. 'This is Veer who made Veer a success, ” he proudly says to guests.

He feels his puppy to be his lucky mascot and so he has named it ‘Veer’.


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  1. jayesh On April 12, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    hi salman howz u ? hey dear i want 2 meeet u . plzzz help me m in truble yaaar

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