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To find a Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan in a new diva as a jockey rider took everyone to surprise when he showed some exemplary performance by winning the stiff challenge with the other professional riders at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse this sunday.

However, everybody was aware about Salman’s ‘Veer’ where he have to do lots many horse stunts but the audience in the Mahalakshmi Racecourse took it for granted as there is lots of difference in acting and actually doing in the race field.

There were professional riders like Mallesh Nareddu, YS Srinath and B Prakash and others in the 600 metres exhibition race which was a promo event for Friday release Veer (produced by Vijay Gallani for Eros International Media Ltd),

Specially for this event Salman had actually worked hard to prepare himself for this day and the result was superbly awesome to spectators delight. According to his close buddies and to several professional jockeys Salman is not an amateur but a well trained rider.

To cheer for Salman, his entire Khan family occupied the Members’ Enclosure of the Turf Club and encouraged him till the finish.

It was like a reel life performance when under daunting circumstances Salman rode with broken stirrups and took it to the victory that actually seen in movie had came into reality at the Mahalaxsmi Racecourse.

When Salman was enquired about his superb performance, he had his as usual answer who gave credit to God and said, “I was nervous, but I won because of God’s grace, and I’m happy about that. There wasa slight moment of panic when my stirrups broke... but then, ultimately, it was all good.”

‘Reel Hero’ Salman really proved to be a ‘Real Hero’. And that is too everyone’s joy where everyone had different compliment to pile over him.


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