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Vivek Oberoi in an interview is confess with his wild days. His parents are now on the look-out for a suitable match for their only son. About Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi said," I just have to find her. I don’t know how it would happen. But with all her imperfections and mine, she’d be perfect for me.At the moment I’m very much single. I’ve been single for 4 years."

Getting into a confessional mode Vivek Oberoi says, “I’ve had two serious relationships where I gave one hundred percent of myself physically and spiritually and emotionally to my partner. The next one will hopefully be for keeps. I hope to this find a girl who appreciates my dedication and loyalty.”

About two women Vivek Oberoi loved in the past,he said “It’s unfair to judge them now that they’ve moved on. But I loved them wholeheartedly. I continue to respect them although they’ve moved on. They’re both married. I wish them happiness.” About the two ladies wishing him happiness Vivek says, “I’m really not holding breath for them to wish me happiness. I’m very happy in life. The other day I was flying out of Bangalore airport and I was accosted by a group of aunties who just smothered me in love and attention. Those are the moments that matter to me. Nothing can equal that.”

Vivek Oberoi says he made an attempt to apologize to Salman Khan. “It was just one attempt, mind you, not many. And I think I did what I had to. That was karmic. Now it’s done with. It’s baggage that I wish I had forgotten at the terminal.”

Katrina Kaif recently said she’d never work with Vivek Oberoi because of what happened with Salman Khan. Vivek replies calmly, “The lady really doesn’t want to work with me? It’s the lady’s prerogative. Personally I don’t look at my work in that microscopic way. I’d work with anyone that the script requires me to. I’d never let my personal biases rule my judgement…


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