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Now here’s a superstar who came up with a novel way of celebrating his birthday. On the Dec 27, 2009 Salman Khan went on a worldwide search for ‘real life Veers’. Reveals an inside source “Salman bhai is constantly in touch with his fans on his blog. He launched the blog on his father Salim Khan’s birthday and then he launched a ‘Hunt for Veer’ on his own birthday”. Says Salman himself “You have often heard my stories now I want to know yours. There is a ‘Veer’ in each one of us. I will personallypick up the stories that I like and I’m waiting to meet these real life veers”.

Those who want to know what this search is about can simply go to Salman’s blog where Salman’s video is unlinked. Confirms the source, “People simply have to go to Salman’s blog and write down their real life bravery stories. Salman bhai himself will read through these stories and select five Veers. All of whom he will then meet personally”. Salman Khan who is famously known in the industry for his generosity decided on his birthday- the Dec27 to go on a worldwide search for people who deserve to be recognized.

In what’s touted to be his best performance till date Salman Khan will be seen playing a warrior in his period film Veer-which is a legend of heroism and bravery of a Pindari soldier. It’s the untold saga of a freedom fighter, who fought for social justice and independence. Eros International and Vijay Galani’s Veer- Bollywood’s biggest epic film till date is all set to release on January 22, 2010.


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