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The leading star of VEER- Salman Khan suits the bill perfectly as the star performed a life threatening scene not once, but twice, all for the sake of his upcoming film.

Reveals a production source, "A robbery scene required Salman bhai to run on the top of a moving train. He did not use a stunt double, nor was he afraid. This stunt was a dangerous one, as one slip and he would have hit the ground and could have been pulled under the train with the speed it was moving in!"

"Salman Khan wanted another retake as he felt he could do it better," confirms the source.

And in all this intensity Salman managed to keep spot on to his humor and in true Salman Khan style while the train would pull in reverse without a care in the world, Salman, we hear would lie down on the train until it was time for another take.

Salman Khan surely is the real life Veer!


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  1. Aashika On January 5, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    Dear Salman Khan, Best wishes for your future movies.

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