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Salman Khan seems to be in complete marriage mood since he is talking about his marriage too often these days. But the eternal bachelor of Bollywood lives with the fear that he might have kids too late in life and they might end up thinking him to be their grandfather. The 43 year old actor sarcastically said that when he has a kid in the next 5-6 years he won't be able to run and play with him. He added that this may be the only regret he will have in life.

When quizzed about being the most eligible bachelor in the country the Wanted star said that the girls who have been with him in life never though him to be the most eligible bachelor. He added that once they found out he was not suitable for them, they dumped him. Salman said he would like to get married in Rajasthan’s Umaid Palace where his parents, brothers and sister got married saying that the place is quite close in the family's heart.

Well we hope Katrina Kaif is listening to all this and doesn't delay their marriage any more. At 43 Salman isn't going to grow any younger!


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