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Expect the unexpected in Bollywood. Friends turn foes and vis versa. We heard not long ago that Salman Khan was going gaga over Asin Thottumkal, his co-star in London Dreams. It was even rumoured that they were having affair. Now, the latest we hear is that all is not well between the duo.

The grapevine abuzz with the news that Salman and Asin just can't stand each other though nobody knows what went wrong between the duo. Adding more fuel to the fire, Asin never turns up for discussing the promotional activities of London Dreams. It's her father Joseph Thottumkal, who has been running around meeting Salman and Vipul Shah in spite of his ill health.

It is said that Asin do meet Vipul Shah but only when Salman is not around. So, Vipul has to do double duty, running between the two actors.

So, what has transpired into their chemistry? Has Katrina Kaif warned Salman from meeting Asin like he told her not to work with Vivek Oberoi? Over to Salman and Asin!
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