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Salman Khan has the physique that every man would envy. Apart from his looks and acting talent, he is also known for getting into fights with his peers. But this angry man is damn scared of a woman – she is not Katrina Kaif but his mother Salma Khan.

Salman revealed on Farah Khan's soon-to-be-launched celebrity chat show Tere Mere Beach Mein that his mother still gives him tight slaps in spite of reminding her that she shouldn't beat him, as he is grown up now. He added that her slaps are so tight that he sometimes wonder where they come from.

His mom Salma revealed that Salman was very naughty as a boy. She added that he used to get the most beating and still does. Ironically, she loves him very much and still stays up waiting for him at the window till he returns home. She joked that they don't need a watchman, as she keep guarding all night.


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