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Bollywood stars may have been sympathetic towards Shahrukh Khan after his detention at the Newark International Airport but Salman dismissed the event as 'no big deal.' This was nothing unexpected as the two Khans have been in a state of war since Katrina Kaif's birthday bash more than a year ago. Salman's comments have however not gone down too well with the Muslim community who are up in arms against the actor.

A few Muslim groups felt Salman's comments to be very derogatory. They even protested outside his House in Mumbai demanding an apology from the actor. They argued that in such Time when majority of Muslims were being treated as terrorists in US, Salman should have stood firmly behind Shahrukh forgetting his personal grudges. They added that it was a matter concerning the entire community and both the stars should not cling to their prejudices against each other.

Ironical it may sound but the same people who are standing behind King Khan were up in arms against the actor two months back. They had protested against Shahrukh and even issued a fatwa for his alleged comments in the Time N Style magazine. Shahrukh was accused of using unparliamentary language against the Prophet.


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