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Whether or not his films are hits, Salman Khan is one actor who has never had a dearth of fans.

And despite the great fluctuations in his career graph, Sallu does not seem to be in the mood to vacate his place any time soon.

“There are a lot of superstars who have had their stardoms and then they move out. Then somebody else comes. But right now we are sitting on the chair and holding it till some good enough guy comes in and takes it over. Till the time your fans don’t move from you to somebody else, why would you leave the chair!” asks Salman.

However, he has a different definition of stardom. “Everyone sees a little bit of me in them. They feel they can emulate something from me - be it dancing, acting or body.

That’s what makes fans feel that the star is like their friend and a common man who has been given an opportunity to be on screen,” he explains. Well, that’s what is called ‘being Salman’.


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