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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan is well known to have a soft heart beneath the tough exterior he loves to portray -- sometimes which lands him in trouble.

An eyewitness from the Dabangg sets says, "About eight months ago, Salman Khan had asked his driver Ashok Singh to leave his work. Salman had felt that his driver's behaviour hadn't been appropriate. Salman has faithful old-time retainers working with him for years.

In fact, Salman has been so attached to Ashok that when the driver got married, Salman had even gifted him a flat for the newly wedded couple to stay in. So when Ashok behaved in a manner that irked Salman, the actor felt very let down and asked him to leave."

However what Salman wasn't prepared for was that his ex-driver Ashok would land up on the sets when he was shooting and create and an emotional scene there. "Salman was seated with his group while shooting for Dabangg in Wai when Ashok came in. Initially, when Ashok sent word that he wanted to talk to Salman, the star ignored him.

Finally after a lot of coaxing and wheedling, Khan agreed to meet him and called him to his room. Ashok broke down in tears saying ever since he had left Salman, his life had been in a mess. He begged for his job back. Salman, who is still irritated with Ashok's behaviour, said he had another driver and wasn't looking to replace him. But the truth is with Salman -- one never knows. Tomorrow he just might take Ashok back."

A source close to Salman says, "Yes. It's true that Ashok had come on the Dabangg sets but bhai is a very nice person. Today Salman might ask someone to leave and tomorrow if he feels bad, he might take him back."
Salman Khan remained unavailable for comment.


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  1. Anonymous On February 23, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Good sallu don't keep him with you!

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