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It seems the week gone by has been rife with controversies, but there is one man who thinks otherwise and believes that controversies don’t serve any purpose to society. The man in question is none other than Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan who came to the fore in support of Shahrukh Khan for not apologizing to Shiv Sena.

Speaking over the issue Salman Khan said, “I think whatever is happening is really sad. I strongly feel sports and entertainment should not be dragged into politics. Moreover, Shahrukh did what IPL owner would have done.”

He continues, “And as you are seeing, the consequence of politics entering into art is unwarranted. It’s very important for politician to stop doing all this.”

Well said Salman. Moreover, after Bollywood showing solidarity, politician would have got the message that taking potshot at Bollywood would not be easy anymore.


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