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She has walked the ramp, designed clothes and is now making her acting debut in Bollywood — that’s Sonakshi Sinha for you. The daughter of actor Shatrughan Sinha comes across as an outspoken person.

When asked whether she felt strange acting with Salman Khan who is more than double her age, she says, “I agree he is a lot older than me. But nowadays a lot of new heroines have done that. Deepika came in with Shah Rukh Khan and Asin with Aamir Khan. They too are way too young than their heroes. So what are we talking about? Besides, I have seen the rushes. I look good with him.”

Sonakshi realised that she was suited for acting only after she lost a lot of weight. And the weight loss happened because Salman had told her that she was ‘way too fat’ when he first saw her.

“He told me that the first thing I needed to do was lose weight. He said that he can take me in his movie as a heroine but I needed to shed off my kilos first. He convinced me to lose weight. When that happened, he said I was on for his next film. I was very happy doing my fashion designing but suddenly after losing weight, I knew that my career graph has changed,” says Sonakshi candidly.

Didn’t Shatrughan Sinha tell her ‘khaamosh’ in his inimitable style
when she first went up to him and said she wanted to act?

“There’s no way he would tell me ‘khaamosh’. In our house, I go around telling my dad ‘khaamosh’. Besides, he saw the script and approved it himself,” she says. During the course of the conversation Sonakshi also gives us a glimpse into her philanthropic side. She wants to take up the cause of breast cancer.

“I want to build awareness about it. This is a form of cancer that can be easily cured provided it is detected early. A lot of women don’t speak about it because they think would be turned into outcasts,” she ends.


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