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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan to ride a horse in a mock race at Mahalakshmi racecourse on January 17

Salman Khan is ready to take film promotion to an unusual route. The actor would promote his forthcoming film, Veer by riding a horse at the Mahalakshmi racecourse in a 'mock' race against top jockeys. The race would be part of the programme on Sunday, January 17, 2009. The day is being promoted as the Hello Million day.

Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) chairman, Vivek Jain says, "Salman Khan is to do a promotion for his film Veer at the racecourse. The film's producers approached us and we agreed."

Getting it arranged
Salman would be dressed like a jockey (in jockey's silks, though the colour has yet to be decided) and, "would most probably do a mock race with top jockeys at the racecourse. In case that cannot be arranged, he would do an exhibition canter on horseback for the stands," says Jain.

A horse from the Amateur Rider's Club (ARC) would be chosen as mount for Salman. Jain says, "He would have to choose from the ARC horses, he cannot ride a thoroughbred,' and laughs when asked if the beefy, muscular Salman would be too heavy for the horse. Jockeys usually weigh 55 kg on average. "Well, it is just a fun event," says the newly-elected RWITC chairman.

Don't like it? Snooze it off, folks!
Jain, who is aware that some die-hard punters might be irked at the increasing Bollywood-isation and glamour at the racecourse says, "Unfortunately or fortunately, nothing sells like a Bollywood star. My advice to all those punters tut-tutting at these promotions is: take a good snooze in your racecourse box while the event is on'. He also added, "You know this refrain -- we do not like filmi gimmicks at the racecourse -- is a fashionable thing to say. A lot of these 'elite' also say we do not like watching Hindi movies, but they finally go and watch them anyway."

Vijay Galani, producer Veer, confirms that he approached the RWITC with the promotion request. Galani says, "Salman is going to participate in a race at the racecourse." Galani ambitiously says, "He is to ride against A-grade jockeys."

Galani sees a synergy between horse riding and Veer, because he says, "In my film, Salman is mostly seen on horseback. Salman would be dressed as a jockey." Asked whether Salman has real riding skills, Galani answers in the affirmative. "Yes, Salman is a very good horse rider. He has been riding since childhood. In Veer, you see him riding without holding the reins and holding arms in his hands."

About Veer
Veer is scheduled for a January 22 release. Salman Khan plays a warrior in the period movie. He is seen on horseback in several scenes, hence the equestrian promotion.
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