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Whether or not Salman Khan’s favourite subject in school was history, he sure seems to have developed an affinity for historical figures. After playing a warrior in the period film Veer, Salman has set his eyes on another one. This time around, he wants to make a film on Mongol warrior Chengez Khan, who ruled a large swathe of Asia. Salman seems fascinated by his exploits and wants to bring it alive on the silver screen. The groundwork for the film has already begun.

“It was a casual conversation during his birthday party in Panvel that triggered the idea. People were complimenting Salman on his rugged warrior look in Veer and suggested he take up more period films. One thing led to another and suddenly someone mentioned Chengez Khan (the greatest ruler of men). Right then Salman told his friends he would indeed like to make a film on the legendary invader.

He has already begun researching the subject and will be writing the script after Veer releases. He’ll also be flying to the US to explore the possibility of tying up with an international producer,” reveals a source.
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