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In a world where celebrities endorse nothing less than designer labels and refuse to attend events unless they are paid for it, Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan chose to become the brand ambassador of Nana Chudasama’s campaign 'I LOVE MUMBAI' simply because he believes in the cause!

Salman was present as the chief guest for the Opening Ceremony of Green World-2010, an exhibition that was conducted to propagate planting and nurturing of saplings.

Ace fashion designer cum politician Shaina NC along with her father Nana Chudasama spearheaded the campaign aimed at making Mumbai go green.

'It's not about what I get, but about what I can give back to my city” said Salman showing his support for the cause.

“Ideally every country should have about 33% of Forest area. Currently India has only 17%. Plus, the land we live in is surrounded by the Ocean. That makes us even more vulnerable to climate change and Global Warming. Growing more trees and planting more saplings is the only solution” said a concerned Salman.

The actor who himself owns a farmhouse and nurtures plants shared a lot of personal experiences. "We (he and his siblings) grew up in Indore, so we were very close to nature. Every time my mum was pregnant we'd come to Mumbai and bring seeds along with us. I remember planting mango seeds as a kid. They've bloomed into beautiful trees now. Even today, while everybody rushes to places like Goa and Dubai for the New Years, our family goes to Panvel because we find ourselves amidst beautiful plants.”

“The only problem is we can't fly kites anymore because of the trees” joked Salman as an afterthought.

Salman encouraged the citizens by requesting them to pick up free saplings by saying, “They are free. So don't forget to pick them up.”

He concluded by saying, “When you stop growing trees, you stop growing as a human being.”

What can I say Salman? You are truly a hero.


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