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Last year, media circles were abuzz with speculation of an intense rivalry between Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. But a lot seems to have changed of late with the two stars claiming to be close buddies. In fact, Akshay even walked the ramp for Salman’s Being Human foundation at a recent fashion week.

Media got both of them to talk about their year ahead, mutual affection for each other, business plans, philanthropic work and industry rivalries. Not surprisingly, their answers were quite similar.

Salman says, “I love the way Akshay has put in his heart and soul and emerged as a big name in the industry. His feat is truly commendable.”

Akshay returns Salman’s gesture by saying, “Everybody in the industry knows how big Salman’s heart is. He has sustained himself as a superstar for two decades and that speaks a lot about the talent and passion of the man. He is someone who doesn’t really care about what is being spoken about him. I was really touched when he said that he wanted me to walk the ramp for Being Human.”

Even work-wise, the duo has similar plans. In 2010 they both will slow down and get choosier about movies.

“I’m getting choosier by the day and 2010 will definitely see me slowing down. I want to spend more time with my family,” Akshay says.

When asked about getting into production, Akshay says, “If I get an interesting script, something to do with action, I will definitely look to produce it. I do want to be a businessman.”

Apart from this Akshay is looking to concentrate a lot more on his karate championship which he promises ‘will get bigger and better’.

Salman, on the other hand, will devote more time to Being Human foundation.

He says, “I don’t work in films for money but because of the passion I have for film-making. Now, to an extent I will cut down on work as I have other things on my plate too like concentrating more on Being Human. I want the project to take off completely with the merchandise hitting stores across India.”

The two of them only differ when it comes to their equation with Shah Rukh Khan. While Salman still remains mum when asked about burying hatchets with Shah Rukh, Akshay gets vocal about the issue.

He says, “Equations with people change with time. That’s the rule of life. But I don’t have problems with anyone in the industry.”


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