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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan, who is awaiting his big ticket release ‘Veer’ this month, is now said to be busy with its promotions.

The actor and his leading lady in the film, Zarine Khan, who started their first leg of promotional tour in Hyderabad, was cool and candid and looked quite unruffled by the completely chaotic crowd that had gathered to catch a glimpse of him.

All eyes on Salman Khan
Salman was totally funny and witty during the promotions just like the character he plays in Veer. Flaunting a sword, he said, “My chacha called me from Indore the other day and said, ‘Beta, tere dada ki talwaar toh mere paas hai. Tu dialogue kaise maar raha hai?”

But even while shaking and waving a weapon, Salman lectured his fans against using it saying, “Yeh sab pictureon mein hi achcha lagta hai. Asal zindagi meing isska istemaal mat karna.”

When asked about his trip to the city, Salman responded that he gave his first narration for this film to Anil Sharma in Hyderbad. He expressed that most of his films that had been shot there have become a hit like ‘Wanted’. And this was the reason why Salman decided to begin his promotional activity from this city, hoping to have a fantastic run at the box-office.

The actor who has never done a host of activities to promote his earlier films, like his rivals Shah Rukh and Aamir have, is now supposedly quite busy promoting for his epic to do well.

And when asked about this sudden change of mind, Salman replied, “When you can’t beat them, join them. Earlier my producers and PR managers would ask me to go on a promotional biz, but I wouldn’t care. These days I do. Moreover producers today don’t want to pay. They want everything for free.”

Salman had penned the script of ‘Veer’
For Salman ‘Veer’ is supposedly close to his heart, since this is his debut as a scriptwriter. Although the actor is said to have previously written scripts that were ‘larger than life’, when he finally felt that the time had come to release one of his dream projects, he felt it apt to begin with ‘Veer’.

When asked about how the badly recession-hit industry was able to fund a period drama without jeopardizing the budget, the actor quickly said that movies are made with the audience in mind, who do not care about recessions, and as a matter of fact prefer to watch a good film irrespective of it being over-budget or under-budget.

The Katrina resemblance
Promoting the film with his co-star Zarine khan, who he was being quite protective about, Salman when asked about Zarine’s resemblance to Katrina, stated that, “When I was new in the industry, people said I resembled Sanjay Dutt (which I was very happy about) and Farooq Sheikh. People even said Madhuri looked like Madhubala. I see no resemblance between Zarine and Katrina, except maybe the voice.”

The actor, when asked which woman was instrumental for his success, said, “Quite a few women are responsible for my success, but I’ll not take any names here.”

On the other hand, when asked about certain actresses who are a success today because of him, Khan quipped “I don’t take credit for that.”


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