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Being compared to Hollywood actor Brad Pitt will be considered a compliment by most, but the observation left Salman Khan fuming.

The Superstar who was in the city to promote his upcoming period drama Veer threw a fit when a reporter remarked that his look in the film was similar to the one sported by Pitt in Troy.

"He (Pitt) was wearing a miniskirt in the film. I am not. And does my hair look blonde?" retorted Salman angrily. But the tirade continued with the actor telling the journalist, "I had long blonde hair in Sooryavanshi, so I should stand up and say that Brad Pitt stole my look. Did that guy in Gladiator, Rusell Crowe have long hair? No he did not. This is rubbish. I play a Pindari soldier and my look is not a copy of any Hollywood film."

The film is the brainchild of Khan who turned scriptwriter for the period drama which revolves around the life of a Pindari soldier leading a revolt against the British in 1857.

The film directed by Anil Sharma has been in the making for three decades and in Salman's own words it was a "long and hard journey."

The actor is meanwhile leaving no stone unturned to promote the film which releases on January 22.

He turned horse jockey at the recently held Mumbai Derby and attended the press conference at Delhi wearing a shirt emblazoned with the word Veer.


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