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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan had a special screening for close buddy Aamir Khan who flew off to Los Angeles for the screening of his home production Peepli Live at the Sundance film festival -- and even advised him about Veer.

Says a source close to Salman, "Aamir was flying off to LA on Wednesday night so Salman kept a screening only for him at Ketnav in the afternoon. There was no way that Salman was going to let Veer release without asking Aamir what he thought about it since Aamir is known to have a keen sense of scripts and commercial cinema.

Today Aamir's opinion on films is valued by everyone in the film industry. After watching Veer, Aamir told Salman that though he loved the film he wouldn't have been able to do a film of this scale and magnitude. Veer wasn't his kind of film as it was commercial and larger-than-life with its massy, dramatic scenes and fights."

That wasn't all. The source informs, "As Aamir had to leave in a hurry because he had another event to attend, he called up Salman later and spoke to him for half an hour on Veer. Aamir told him the aspect he loved particularly in Veer like the father-son relationship. Aamir felt that the relationship was autobiographical as Salman had inculcated several aspects of his own life. When Salman told him Veer was inspired by the Russian novel Taras Bulba, Aamir appeared to be impressed."

Aamir also told Salman to write more scripts and stories. "He felt that Salman was a writer who had a fine sense of storytelling. Aamir thought that what came across that Salman loved writing and he should write more especially on topics that inspired him."
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