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Ever since their coming together in the film LONDON DREAMS, Asin and Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan's chemistry has been under the public scanner. Now, after their much talked about bonding during the shoot of the film, the latest buzz is that the equation between the two has progressed to the next level.

According to the reliable sources, "Salman and Asin have hit it big on the personal front. Both the actors have become thick friends post the shoot of LONDON DREAMS. Now, Salman seems to be taking more interest in Asin than Katrina and it seems the new friendship between the two is growing by the day."

Though, earlier it was reported that Ajay Devgan is Asin's good friend, but now it seems the actress has the backing of the muscular Khan as far as her personal life is concerned. Well, for the moment Katrina surely has a new competitor to deal with.
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