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Look who is taking a cue from Salman Khan…Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, who will be seen in a pivotal role in Anil Sharma’s ‘Veer’ has hit the gym to look ultra fit.

‘Veer’ will see Mithun Da play Salman Khan’s father. Since ‘Veer’ is set in the era of 1880 the role also required Mithun Da to look the part for which he had to be physically very fit.

Reveals an inside source, “When Mithun Chakraborty was first approached for the film he refused, as it required him to work out rigorously for the tough look of his character. However he then agreed to do the film as there was 3 months time at hand and enough time to up his fitness.”

“People who exercise know how muscle memory works…when you start working out again after years it all comes back. We needed someone who could look young, middle aged and old in the film and he was the only one who could do it,” adds the source.

We hear that Mithun Da then started enjoying his workouts, so much so, that he even stopped eating his rich Bengali food for more effective results.

A little birdie informs, “Not only has Mithun Da restricted his Bengali food, which is very rich, but also invested Rupees 25 lakhs and set up a new gym at his Madh Island farm house.”

Well setting up a gym at home, that’s so Sallu style!

We also heard that Mithun Da’s character required horse-riding skills so he got a horse and started practicing at his farmhouse. Hmm… Looks like the erstwhile disco dancer likes to get into the character of his part to the core!


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