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Salman Khan’s large-hearted gestures aren’t new to Bollywood, and now even the firangs are getting a ‘taste’ of his spontaneous actions. Recently, Sallu decided to have some ice-cream after he finished shooting a song for Veer in London.

Now, the actor not being the kind to enjoy an ice-cream on his own, decided to treat the cast and the crew too. There were no less than 600 members on the sets, which included junior artistes as well as some local college kids who had participated in the shoot. But the number wasn’t a worry for Salman.

Producer Vijay Galani says, “We had many ice-cream vendors as part of the set that we had put up on a college campus. Once the shooting was done Salman bought the ice-cream from these guys and distributed it around.” What followed, was a huge ice-cream party that lasted way after pack up. Says a unit member, “He distributed 145 to 150 ice-creams to the foreign junior artists and they were, obviously, super impressed with him.” Now that’s one ‘cool’ act, isn’t it?


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