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Salman Khan’s Veer is his most ambitious film till date and the star is leaving no stone unturned to make it a success. Not many are aware that the story of the film is written by Salman himself. After the first look of the film has been out, there have been great positive reactions from all quarters but at the same time there have been some negative comments as well. Few people are saying that it’s a cliché-ridden film. Now coming to his film’s defense, Salman has given an elaborate reply.

“Veer, I think is the largest scale film ever made in the country and to pull it off was no mean feat. One thing I can say is there is nothing cliché about this film! We began filming in August 2008 but prior to that, to make a film of this scale, a lot of prep and research had to be done. A very detailed research of over 8 months on the period, language, behavior, culture etc has been done by Krishna Raghav to understand the accents, traditions, valor, attitude, history, music, architecture of that era,” Salman writes in his latest blog.

Salman further says, “The film has been extensively shot across Rajasthan (Rajasthan has its own ways of calling me back, it’s a karmic connection!) - Bikaner, Jaipur, Sambhar, Dulla and Jodhpur and all over England. The second schedule lasted 60 days, where the film was shot extensively across Rajasthan at prominent Locations like Mehrangarh fort (Jodhpur) and Ajmer fort (Jaipur). While talking about sets, I have to add the art director Sanjay Dhabade has done an excellent job.

“Sanjay and his team had a crucial job since the film boasted of extravagant sets covering over 400m at times and approximately 500 members of the art department worked at a time to erect various sets taking from 15–40 days to construct. The action sequences involve 100s of fighters, 1,000 plus horses, 100s of elephant and camels, including huge sequences such as, a train robbery and a full fledged war on the battlefield with a combat between troops of warriors.”


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  1. Anonymous On December 5, 2009 at 11:55 AM

    hello salman khan

  2. Anonymous On October 30, 2011 at 7:05 AM

    salmans veer is avery good movie but people nowadays have lost their taste for good movies salman should be optimistic about his movie veer because its a very good film

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