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Eros International and Vijay Galani’s “Veer’ is the first movie ever to be shot in Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the British Monarch and is a setting of only state occasions and royal hospitality however a rare exception was made in this case and Anil Sharma’s “Veer’ starring Salman Khan was given permission to shoot within the premises.

Reveals a source, “Buckingham Palace is a literal sacred ground for British royalty and they never allow any commercial activity to take place within its boundaries but they did make an exception for “Veer’. The setting of the palace gave a larger than life feel to the film; any other location would just not have done justice to the script.”

“3 months prior permission was taken to shoot within the royal palace. The stills shot within Buckingham Palace look surreal,” adds the source.

Eros International and Vijay Galani’s “Veer’, an epic tale of a warrior is all set to release on 22, January, 2010


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