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If you think Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is leading a happy life, think again, for she is feeling utterly lonely in Mumbai in spite of all the success and fame. She doesn’t feel at home though she has her boyfriend Salman Khan to comfort her. So, she has called in her mother Suzanne Turquotte to Mumbai to be with her.

Work is taking its toll on her health too. She has been diagnosed with jaundice and a low hemoglobin count recently and she was left lonely at a time when she needed company and support. So, she decided to call in her mother to fight this loneliness.

Sources said that the actress took the decision overnight and asked her mom to be with her though she was busy in Chennai with social work. Her mood is said to have changed, now that her mom has joined her.

Katrina admitted that it could get terribly lonely in Mumbai. She said that she felt strong enough to make a brief appearance in Dubai because she has her mom at home. She added that she has her to go back to.


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