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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan is one actor who has not experimented much with his looks. Well the macho star is all set to change that now. He will be sporting three different looks in his much talked about movie Veer which is schedule to release on the 22nd January 2010.

Salman is playing the role of a warrior in the film. Film has three different periods so he will be seen in three different looks.

Salman plays the character of a guy from Pindhari tribe. Salman had grown his hair long to look like a tribal. So in one part he will have long hairs. The second part will be where Salman’s character goes abroad for further studies. He had to have his hair short to look like a student. The entire sequence was shot at London where he is shown studying.
Towards the climax he will be seen again in long hair. Film cuts across different periods, which involved long periods of traveling hence the change in his hairstyles, clears the source.

Salman’s character in the film will be traveling long distance by ship, horse back as it is a period film. Source adds Salman had to grow his hair again for that particular look of his in the film.

It can be recalled Salman was always seen sporting a ponytail in the episodes of his reality show Dus Ka Dum.


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