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Hrithik Roshan had invited Salman Khan for Suzanne Roshan's birthday party but Salman gave it a miss to avoid bumping into Shahrukh Khan who along with his wife attended the party. Salman took the pain of clarifying the reason for his absence to Hrithik. He reasoned that since he needed to walk the ramp in a Fashion Week in New Delhi on the same day he could not attend the party.

Salman didn't just stop with that and assumed the role of a family advisor to Hrithik. He said that he took Hrithik as his younger brother and loved him very much. He also said that he was aware of somebody called Barbara Mori. Salman warned Hrithik that if he didn't take care of his wife and family then he would actually stop talking to him.

Well, it seems like Salman Khan is more bothered about Hrithik's married life than tying the knot in his own personal life. The elder brotherly love seems to have come alive!


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