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At the moment Salman is not happy with life at all. For the first time Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan wasn’t able to attend his father’s birthday on November 24.

This year Salim Saab turned 64, and the Khan parivar had planned to make it a grand celebration, what with Wanted being a huge money-spinner for Salman. Dad’s birthday and son’s success would’ve made for a grand bash at the Khans’ residence.

Unfortunately Salman and Arbaaz are in Wai on the outskirts of Mumbai shooting for their home production Dabangg. And there was absolutely no way Salman could be allowed to return to Mumbai even for a few hours.

That left Salim Saab on his birthday with only son Sohail to keep him company.

Says Sohail, “I guess I got lucky. I got Dad all for myself on his birthday. Much as Salman and Arbaaz would’ve liked to be with Dad there was no way they could leave the shooting in Wai and return on Tuesday for Dad’s birthday without disrupting the schedule. We were just three days into the shoot and it couldn’t be stopped.”

While Salman seethed in Wai, Sohail drove back to Mumbai on Monday to bring in their father’s birthday and to convey Salman and Arbaaz’s best wishes to their father.

Says a sentimental Sohail; “The whole family makes it a point to be together by hook or crook for our parent’s birthday. Anyway, Dad believes work comes first. But Salman and Arbaaz are very unhappy about the situation.”

The family is getting ready for the release of Veer on January 26.

“That’s a big project for us,” says Sohail. “We’ve worked really hard on it. After Dabangg we want to start Partner 2. Everyone keeps telling us sequels ka zamana hai. Look how well the sequels to Golmaal have done! But until we’re sure that the script will take us beyond the first Partner we can’t go ahead.”

The entire Partner team is working on the sequel’s storyline.

“All of us, Salman, Govinda, David Dhawan and I, have been told to work on an idea. We’ll go ahead with Partner 2 the minute one of us cracks the screenplay. Right now Partner is hot, and Salman Bhai is hotter,” says Sohail proudly.


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  1. Anand Sharma On December 27, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Salamanji, if you happen to read this ! 46 is really not so old to get married after all.

    But seeing your horoscope - you have another great three years starting from June 2012 to give some great hits - after which Saturn changes and you move to a new area of work- philanthropy - that's where you are likely to get a matured companion - a probably mid 40s woman who is also single but - made for you or time has changed her to be made for you !

    so no matter what great astrologers haver said about you - you dont get committed for another three years I believe-

    One piece of advice - stay away from a person - man or woman who is presently guiding you on investments- directly or indirectly - amongst your close- acquantainces - you have have some one - sharing negative vibes ! this person has advised you in the past on your relationships too and rather mis-guided . He may be a well wisher but his judgements are not suitable for you.

    Next three years you shall any way make new alliances with friends, attitudes, approaches and styles of living

    Best of luck - but wait for the woman of your life - another three years probably - it is usually worth waiting for soul mate.

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