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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan or well known as Sallu bhai is now on big project. No it is not IPL if that what’s coming to your mind right now. Salman Khan is now more concerned about his films in the Box Office. After his film Main Aur Mrs. Khanna a flop in the box office, he doesn’t want the same with his next projects.

So he will be hiring a group of script readers who would read the script and decide for him if he should do the film or not. After the big hit of Wanted he is more concerned about keeping his image intact. So from now on before any director wanting to cast him in his new film then he should get an approval from his script writers before his.

He blames the failure of Main Aur Mrs. Khanna on the bad script writers. And he thinks that, group work is better than single. So he has already selected the group on whom his fate will be decided. It has also been heard that his group has gone over the script of “dabangg”and has approved it which would be in theaters very soon Let’s hope for the best for Superstar Salman Khan and the viewers that they won’t be tortured any more by flop films.


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