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Vipul Shah is least perturbed about the downright pathetic box-office response that Main Aurr Mrs Khanna has generated. Though there have been murmurs once again around the box office pull of Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan (considering the fact that his latest film couldn't even garner a face saving initial), Vipul Shah comes up with a strong reasoning in defense of his leading man from London Dreams.

"Audiences have smartened up today and they know what they would get to see in the film. In case of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, they could sense from the very beginning that Salman was only in an extended special appearance. Now they all want to see him in a full fledged role and this is why they made beelines for Wanted that has enjoyed such a terrific run ever since it's release. They want their stars to have the movie rest on their shoulders and when a movie gives them anything lesser, they look for other options", argues Vipul who is quick to confirm that Salman is the hero of the film, just like Ajay Devgn, and has a full fledged role in London Dreams.

Another example that he shares is that of Billu where Irrfan Khan was the central protagonist instead of Shahrukh Khan.

"Salman fans had all the right reasons to believe that Main Aurr Mrs Khanna was akin to Billu as far as the screen space given to their favourite hero was concerned", says Vipul, "Otherwise how else can one explain the fate of Billu which didn't open well in spite of Shahrukh having a song and dance routine with as many as four gorgeous actresses? The movie had such brilliant music but still it failed to bring in audiences."

"This is the reason why I am not at all worried about London Dreams since from day one, the right perception has been created for audiences that Salman is a key protagonist in the film", says Vipul, "He is one man who can get audiences if they smell from distance that what is he going to give them. I hope that the right messaging has gone to the audiences already."


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