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Salman Khan had four back to back flops before Wanted became a huge success. His career and also that of the producer Boney Kapoor’s was on the line before the release of Prabhu Deva’s big B-town debut and thankfully Wanted went on to become the second biggest grosser in Bollywood this year.

However Prem Soni’s Main Aurr Mrs Khanna which is yet again another extra marital love story had been ready for a year now and it’s only because of Wanted being a mega hit is it getting to see the light of day now.

A source added, “Financiers had their doubts with Main Aurr Mrs Khanna before Wanted as the film has the same old storyline of that of a extra marital love story and it didn’t have something new to offer. Sohail Khan too hasn’t been able to create a foothold in the Industry making it even more sceptical for them to let the film release this year.

However after Wanted the rest was history and they’re all trying to bank on Salman’s newfound mega superstar success.” Prem Soni however denied such rumours and stated, “The concept is completely new and fresh, the film has a lot of offer and the audiences will realise that this Oct 16th.”

Salman too has said that Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is a sweet and simple love story and masses will identify with the storyline and concept of the film. Still the source adds, “Salman would rather focus all of his attention to Vipul Shah’s London Dreams as it already has started to create a lot of buzz with him reuniting with Ajay Devgn after 9 years.

Also the production value, storyline and music is also one of the many highlights of the film. And after that is Veer, which is Salman’s baby and he’s focusing all his attention to the film, so if MAMK does well, then he’d be more than happy and if not, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference to him.”


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