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There is already a lot of buzz surrounding UTV and Sohail Khan Production’s Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. The movie is said to have been shot extensively in Australia. A source said that, “The production team wanted to shoot in one of Australia’s leading hotel Realto and that too in the 125th floor. Usually the Australian government doesn’t allow such film shootings to take place in the hotel, but when they found out that it was none other than Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor who were going to shoot there they readily agreed for the same.”

“Salman and Kareena have a huge fan following down under. There were huge crowds gathered at the shoot locations, so much so, that sometimes they required added security to control the crowds,” added another source.

A unit member said, “The view from the 125th floor was breathtaking and overlooked nearly the whole of Melbourne. Most of the romantic scenes between Salman and Kareena have been shot here since the location was important to the scene.”


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