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'Look at Alexander the Great – he conquered the world and when he died, he died alone taking nothing with him. I think about that a lot'

How did your career in art start?

Well, some years ago I was looking to buy some art for my home and I noticed how expensive art had become! I used to paint as a child, thanks to my mum, who also used to paint (she presently has done only two works, one of which is with my uncle who lives in the States and the other is with a cousin) and I decided to try my hand at painting, and that’s how it all began.

Your work is unbelievable. You sure you did it?

Yes I did them for sure (laughs)

When do you paint?

At night when I have come home from work.

When do you get the time on your hectic schedule?

I have to find time to do it. But it makes me feel good, so I do.

Your art has free strokes and has been compared with Picasso…

I don’t know about any of that. I don’t even buy art, nor am I mad about other artists or anything. I just enjoy painting, so I paint. And I certainly don’t see myself doubling in value once I die or anything (laughs). I am a painter in life, not death.

Your art seems intense and at moments dark – is this saying something about your character or something that lies beneath?

Yes, my art is very intense and shows a lot of angst. It tells a story and delivers a message about what is going on inside me.

So what is your internal angst all about, is it a personal angst?

Yes, it’s a personal angst, but not an internal one. I feel I am blessed, I have truly lived an incredible life, people may ask me about my low points and the sadness, but I feel angst about others who are not as fortunate – about their sadness and grief. That is the angst my art is about.

Am I reading too much into it – but are there messages of birth and death in them?

Death is a reality and birth is an accident. Death is a powerful entity – it strips you of everything you came to the world with. Look at Alexander the Great – he conquered the world and when he died, he died alone taking nothing with him. I think about that a lot.

Does your art have themes – there seems to be some religious undertones, if I am not mistaken?

Each one of my exhibits will have a different theme. This one has a theme and it is somewhat religious. I have a philosophy that God is one – there are many prophets and each religion has its own prophet. Each religion teaches you the same thing with five per cent differences between each one. Through my art, I try to bring out the equality of all religions and try to capitalise on the common thread between them all.

What are some of the names of your pieces?

All my art is named, there is no point of art if it does not have an identity. Looking Ahead and What’s In A Name? These are very poignant lines and reflect the sentiment of my art, hence the names.

So what might you have been if not an actor, an artist?

I would have been a chiller! Not an artist...


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