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When Himesh & Salman came together on Dus Ka Dum recently, the two talked about past events nostalgically. Salman recalled how Himesh is so passionate about his craft that he has woken him up in the middle of the night to discuss a song, or his immense talent that he can compose a song on the spur of the moment. Himesh even gave a live demo of it. It happens only on 10 Ka Dum.

Salman was all praise for the musician and his talent other than his singing. Salman says that Himesh can climb a 20 feet wall like nobody else– he did that when chased by Salman’s late dog Myson! So much so that he sat on the wall and was too frightened to come down. He came down only when Salman turned up to save the situation. Himesh on his part said he owed his success to Salman. Salman did not fail to remind him that he was right about all the songs he predicted would be hits. Himesh conceded happily.

The episode is full of nostalgia, great music, fun and frolic. Stay tuned to catch Salman and Himesh on 10 Ka Dum on Saturday, October 10 at 9.00 pm.


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