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Asin says she’s had great fun shooting for ‘London Dreams’. She calls it a one of a kind experience.

There were numerous pranks, rambling tongue twisters, mugging up of one liners and so on…

She says she has learnt some interesting new things and Salman and especially Ajay Devgan made it even more interesting.

She’s said, “Ajay used to come up with some funny one-liners and tongue twisters which I got to learn from him. It’s one of my best shooting experiences. But I am not in a position to judge but yes as costars I feel they all are fabulous to work with. Both are very different actors and different people.”

Ajay actually seems to have impressed the Southern dame quite a bit.

She said, Her dream was to work with Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan, She done in her 2 film in London Dreams. When she came to know from the Director of London Dreams her costar is Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan she was very happy to do that film.

She’s added, “Everyone knows that Salman is very chilled out but for Ajay, I thought he is a very serious and reserved person. But he is a complete surprise package. He is a complete entertainment channel on the sets. Ajay is a prankster and I wasn’t aware of that. He actually tried playing a prank on me but it didn’t work so Ajay now has to think of something tougher.”

After coping up with somber Aamir Khan and his perfectionist ways, this sure would like a vacation for Asin. Not bad at all.
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