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It is well know that Govinda doesn't like being called Chi Chi by strangers and now its seems his 'partner' Salman Khan doesn't like being called 'Sallu bhai' either. Recently the Bollywood hunk went to a radio station to promote his upcoming movie Wanted. During the chat show the RJ innocently referred to him as ‘Sallu bhai’. On hearing this an outraged Salman shot back at the poor RJ and said “Call me Salman Khan,”

The RJ later told the reporters that Salman told him he doesn't like being referred to as 'bhai' by strangers and feels only people close to him have the right to address him as 'bhai'. Salman showed his generosity and allowed the RJ to address him as 'Salman bhai' after the RJ said he looked up to him as his elder brother. Well now we all know what annoys Sallu oops! Salman other than the questions on his girlfriends.


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