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Fans rally behind Salman Khan not for no reason. They know that he would strike back like a bolt from the blue anytime. They are right. With Wanted, Salman has proved that he still has the strength to blow seven villains with a single blow. Yes, he is back with a bang.

The fact is that Salman fans are having good time watching his latest release Wanted. Feedback on the film flooded Oneindia. His fans think that it is his best film and best performance ever. Some even claim that it is better than Aamir Khan’s Ghajini, which was released last year. It is on the verge of becoming a big hit with its opening weekend collection grossing up to Rs.20 crore.

The bad run of his few recent releases made Salman work harder than usual. He had said that he made mistake by taking up films for his friends without taking the interest of his fans into account. He promised that he would try to please his fans from now on.

And so, Wanted is the just the beginning. Salman is here to stay. Watch out for more!


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