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One of Salman Khan's female fans landed at the shooting of UTV's Main Aurr Mrs Khanna in Melbourne and refused to leave till he hugged her. Director Prem Soni recalls the incident, "We were shooting the song Rabba on Flinders Street with Salman and Kareena. It was 2 am and freezing cold. An Indian lady driving past, saw Salman. That was it! She insisted on meeting and hugging him and refused to leave the sets till he did that."

The fan parked herself at the location and said, "If Salman doesn't hug me, I won't go home." The director adds, "Finally, when we packed up around 5.30 am, Salman went up to her and said 'Aapko kya chahiye?'. She said 'hug chahiye'. Salman said 'Lijiye' and hugged her warmly."

Prem adds that the thrilled lady kept on screaming with excitement, "It was sweet of Salman to do that but he has always been warm with all his fans. The woman finally had to be bundled into the car by the unit and sent home. She kept on telling Salman 'God bless you, you're the real superstar and a people's person.' "

Prem says that although they shot in Melbourne in Australia for 90 days, not once did they face any kind of racial discrimination from the locals, "In fact, the people were cordial and warm. One night, a bunch of Australians girls and guys stopped their cars on seeing Salman and Kareena."

He adds, "Apparently, they had seen Salman at Madame Tussauds and found him hot. The girls, who appeared to be drunk, started dancing and thumping on the car bonnets and screaming 'we love you Salman, we love you Kareena,' and continued till both Salman and Bebo waved to them. It was very distracting for the shoot but finally they left after blowing flying kisses at the actors!" The director hopes that his film does well, as it is about the institution of marriage.


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