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After being in the news for many reasons (majorly about her personal front), Bollywood's darling girl Preity Zinta is back in the news and how! Preity is back in the spotlight for her dedicated professionalism, something that she always has been an epitome of! The news is that the Zinta babe would be now seen in a special song in UTV's and Sohail Khan Production's grand Diwali release Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Sources close to us said that "Preity was specially made to travel to Dubai for a single day to shoot for the song called 'Happening'. Also that the 'happening' song in question is indeed a delight to watch and is bound to have everyone's foot tapping." The source also added that the production team had to spend a fortune on that single day outdoor shoot for Preity as the film's director Prem Soni required a huge open air theater for the song which they managed to get in Dubai. The same source went onto add that "When Preity and director Prem Soni were brainstorming about the name of the choreographer who could do apt justice to this song, the only name that kept popping in their head was that was of Farah Khan. Not just that,with Farah Khan coming on board, both Prem Soni and Preity were just too happy!

A unit member from the same film informed us that, "Preity had a ten day rehearsal with Farah khan before she started shooting the song and everyday she would rehearse for a whopping 3 hours! She also was on a special diet and hardcore workout and yoga and swimming sessions, with just one basic motive: to be in shape for the song!"

All that we can do is to pat Preity on her back for exhibiting such dedication. Preity…one only hopes that all this dedication and hard work of yours pays you and the film rich dividends. Considering that the visuals of the song bear a striking similarity to the smash-hit 'Kajraare', we also hope that this song goes on to become as big a hit as the Bunty aur Babli number, if not more. We are sure that Preity will agree with us on this one!


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