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Salman Khan is going all out for WANTED. It's a crucial film in his career. "Yes, it is. It's a film that my fans would love to see me in," Salman tells me. Those who've watched the film feel Salman has excelled himself. "My dad [Salim Khan] feels it's my best performance ever," he confides with utmost modesty.

The past few Fridays haven't been too good for Salman. He's had a line up of unsuccessful films. "Yes, I agree. I did those films for friends. I forgot that I am responsible to my fans. I forgot that they [the fans] are my priority. But those films were mistakes. It's better to upset one person [producer] than upset your fans, who look up to your films earnestly," Salman admits. He's not taking chances anymore. "I've decided to take control of the situation. Ab dimaag se sochunga, dil se nahin," he smiles.

Salman says he enjoyed working in WANTED. "It's a great entertainer. It's one of those masala films that has solid content, great stunts, very good music and of course, stylised direction. Prabhu Dheva is not merely a superb choreographer, but an equally proficient storyteller as well," he says.

Is it a scene-to-scene remake of the Tamil film POKIRI? "No, it isn't. We've made certain changes in the film," he reveals, adding in the same breath, "I didn't want to watch the original because that would've influenced me," he reveals. Strange, he hasn't watched the original movie. "Yes, Boney-ji did keep a screening for me, I was also in the theatre when the screening started, but I wasn't watching the movie. My mind was somewhere else, I was completely detached," Salman states.
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