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Vivek Oberoi has done everything to bury the hatchet with Salman Khan. He had held his ears during the Rajiv Gandhi Awards in full media glare but that was not enough for Salman to pardon him. Vivek who seems desperate to mend his relationship with Salman has given it another shot. In a recent interaction with the media Vivek said that he has forgotten the episode with Salman Khan and Aishwarya Bachchan.

The Company star had accused Salman of threatening him because of his affair with Aishwarya Bachchan who has once dated Salman Khan. Aishwarya as we know dumped even Vivek and married Abhishek Bachchan. Vivek however had to pay the price with his career being hit because of his enmity with Salman. None of Salman's friends in the industry worked with him and once the most promisingactor in Bollywood was reduced to a second grade star.

Vivek said he had committed some mistakes in his past and he was willing to accept it and asked for forgiveness from Salman. He also said that he would not mind appearing on Salman's 10 Ka Dum to promote his movies. Praising Salman's family he dismissed rumours that Salman's brother Sohail had referred to him as a waiter at a recent party. Well Salman you are known to have a golden heart, it's high time you forgive this kid.

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