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It's tough being a superstar. Ask Salman Khan who has been shooting like a maniac for 10 Ka Dum these days. But it seems the poor fellow is having serious trouble trying to shoot for his dream project, Veer.

Sources close to Salman Khan tell us that the superstar has been trying hard to balance his schedule between Dus Ka Dum and Veer. Initially when he was shooting for Veer, there were plans of taking 10 Ka Dum off air completely.

However being the gentleman that Salman Khan is, he reassured the makers of the show and kept his promise. As a result 10 Ka Dum has even got a 13-episode extension.

In the process though, the shooting for Veer has been stalled for quite some time now. Unit members of the film have now begun to worry about the movie since it's already been delayed for quite some time now.

Salman Khan's presence on the sets is impertinent since he has written the script. A source tells us that Salman Khan has been shooting for the film at Mumbai's Mehboob Studios since August 6.

It will be interesting to see how Salman Khan manages his dates for 10 Ka Dum as well as Veer because he cant afford to delay both the projects that demand his presence on the sets.



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