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In the late 90s, each of the three Khans tried flexing their vocal chords as a singer. Aamir Khan saw huge success coming his way through 'Aati Kya Khandala' (GHULAM - 1998), Shah Rukh Khan's 'Apun Bola' (JOSH- 2000) is heard till date while Salman Khan too came up with a 'tapori' hit in 'Chandi Ki Daal Par' (HELLO BROTHER - 1999).

Now a decade after he was last heard as a singer, Salman Khan is back behind the mike for his upcoming release WANTED. The men who have made it possible? Sajid & Wajid, the composers, who are pretty much a regular when it comes to a Salman starrer. Staying true to the mood and theme of the film, the song is titled 'Most Wanted Track'.

'The song is indeed a special part of WANTED. We wanted to make something 'dhamakedaar' for Salman bhai and the idea was to have a track that gives audiences a taste of what the film is all about. This is why you not just hear Salman bhai mouthing a few dialogues from the film but also singing in the true sense', says Wajid.

The number has quite a few Salman Khan dialogues in the film that again aim at the gallery. It in fact begins with now-famous dialogue 'Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di.....' and packs in a lot more such one liners that are bound to keep the masses and lovers of action cinema happy.

It's the sound of 'Most Wanted Track' which is currently played along with the teasers of the film. If these 60 seconds are any indication then this Boney Kapoor production is pretty much a successful film in the offering. Courtesy the zany sound, two major aspects of the film are highlighted - a) Salman Khan and b) 'desi' action that sets the tone for the lovers of hardcore masala action to make a beeline for the film all over again.


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