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You can marry for love, romance or procreation says Salman Khan before endearingly revealing where he draws his motivation for marriage.

Asked if he considers marriage an important institution, Salman says, "Each to his own ya. It all depends upon the way one wants to live his or her life.

"If you ask my personal opinion, of course, I consider marriage important. There are different reasons and ways one would get married. It could be for love, romance or it could be for children. I would want to marry for children," the mercurial actor who has been dating Katrina Kaif since 2003.


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  1. artist76 On May 9, 2010 at 5:01 AM

    Salman said true words, as man with the zodiac Capricorn he more looking for a money marriage or for marriage for children as for a marriage for love!

    Even if the Capricorn seeks a greater career, he would never be deceitful or to be un-collegial. The Capricorn man has a rough skin and a soft core. He is always concerned for his safety. So he plans his career systematically with perseverance and persistence. Usually he reached his own home with a desire for financial security. The ibex has two faces, the second face he just show to man only revealed to possess its wholly trust. Deep in his soul he is a romantic. The Capricorn man is ambitious, refined and prudent.
    For all female fans: The best prospects for Salman Khan, are young Modells, actress, artist women with the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo (best choice), Scorpion (Ash-he still love she). His interest and condition of his chosen one, they must be self-supplied with money. He is focused on money and very prudently, wisely calculating, uncompromising. He will always do what he sees as his duty.
    It is true that Capricorn men, looking more after money marriage than representatives of other zodiac. According to its practical nature, they see no reason why love should not be associated with self-serving interests.

    Nora Salima

  2. piya pandit On September 3, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    i would like to marry salman after talking ti him

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