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Farah Khan starts 'blogging' ahead of her TV show Tere Mere Beech Mein. She isn't computer-savvy and so, texts posts to the channel. They make sure it goes online
Salma and Salman Khan are the first guests on Farah Khan’s show!!

Farah Khan — who does not even own a laptop — has started blogging. Her blog is all about her chat show

— Tere Mere Beach Mein — which begins on this week.
It's not a first, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan too started blogging when they began shooting for their TV shows Khatron Ke Khiladi and 10 Ka Dum, respectively.

In her candid style, the director says, "I am not a computer- savvy person and don't even possess an email ID, so my blogging means writing on scraps of paper or texting my thoughts to someone in the channel, who then puts it up on my blog." She says she might not necessarily post her thoughts once a day but as many times as she feels the need to express herself on something. "It can be daily to a couple of times a week. I have been approached by many to blog before but I have always resisted it. I am blogging now because it fits in beautifully with the show's concept and it was something that excited me. My blog will be an interactive one, mostly talking about my experiences with the stars I know who have come on the show." Salman Khan and his mom Salma are appearing in the first episode which will air this weekend.

Excerpts from Farah Khans first blog

My first Blog!! First of all I cant believe I am blogging. I, who am , "technologically challenged" -(I guess retard would be too politically incorrect) - who doesnt even have an e-mail id (yes its true) - the excuse being that I dont have time to read or write e-mails, the truth being that I cant open the computer, or is the term Enter?

Anyways, doing a huge show for one of the biggest TV Channels on earth means that contractually even computer illiterates like we have to toe the line and get savvy with the new world. Yes guys though this blog is to plug my chat show Tere Mere Beach Mein on Star Plus, starting Aug 23, 2009 at 9 PM.(See how cleverly I have plugged in the info) I do promise that I will make it as entertaining and honest as I make my films. You see I have a phobia or boredom - I term it pakaophobia.



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