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Bollywood heroines Aishwarya Bachchan and Katrina Kaif have one thing in common – Salman Khan. But their relationship with the actor contrasts like fire and water now, as Ash has cut off all connections with him ever since he married Abhishek Bachchan after an ugly break up. On the other hand, Katrina is currently seeing Salman. So, it's natural that Ash just can't take the news that Katrina has overtaken her.

It was reported that Aishwarya was stripped of her endorsement deal with a jewellery brand in favour of Katrina Kaif. Ash just can't take that. She clarified clear and loud that she was not dropped but voluntarily backed out following complications in the company.

Aishwarya said that she chose not to renew the contract with the jewellery brand. She added that she decided not to renew the endorsement deal after the brand she had contract with and another jeweller that came under the brand parted ways.

In fact, Aishwarya is furious at the reports that she has been dropped by various brands due to her age. She said that no one has ever dropped her. She added that she decided to stop endorsing the Cola brand post marriage, as her hubby Abhishek and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan were endorsing Cola rival brand.

Well, Aishwarya sounds sensible and logical. Maybe Katrina took up what she had dumped! What do you say?


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