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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has reportedly replaced Kareena Kapoor by Katrina Kaif for his next film. Salman's brother Sohail Khan was planning a film revolving around a wedding and he finalized his brother and Kareena for the film.

So Kareena was earlier set to play the female lead in Sohail's film My Punjabi Nikah and supposedly it was Salman who suggested Kareena's name for the film. Kareena and Salman are said to be friends and they get along quite well. They have also done a film, Kyon Ki together and although the film was a flop their pairing was appreciated.

Salman is known to also promote his friends careers and Kareena being a friend he recommended her name for the film.

However, now it seems Salman has probably changed his mind and decided that Katrina should be paired opposite him in the film. So when it came to choosing between friendship and love, obviously Salman an emotional guy chose love, hands down.

So, Kareena has now been replaced with Katrina. Salman and Katrina were seen together in brother Sohail Khan's production Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya and the film too was quite a hit.

My Punjabi Nikah is centered around the theme of marriage and Sohail probably hopes that both Salman and Katrina will be inspired by his film to actually tie the knot in real life too.


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