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People who said that Katrina Kaif had split with Salman Khan have to eat their own words now, as Katrina has finally spilled the beans on her much-speculated relationship
and her man. She revealed that Salman has been her teacher and guide all these years.

Katrina has proved her acting prowess yet again with her splendid performance in the recently released film New York and is set to surprise everyone in Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti with her rhetoric but she is still down to earth and simple. She doesn't shy away from praising her man Salman, who moulded her and her career since she jumped in the glam world. She said that Salman has been her teacher and guide, and has seen her grow over the last six years.

So, what does her man think about her leap in Bollywood? She revealed that Salman did tell her that she is changing but she replied that she is changing because she is growing. He than warned her to be careful and make sure that she doesn't change in the wrong way.

The world may see Salman as an arrogant man but to Katrina, he is a man with a heart of gold. She said that he has been a wonderful person for the last six years. She added that he has a great soul and fearless. Katrina also revealed the special quality in him that many others lack. He is not afraid of anything and is not an insecure person. He teaches her to be fearless too.

Katrina, who is turning 25 on July 16, has grown up and is ready to talk about her relationship. She said that she chose to remain silent, as she will have to waste a part of her life is she were to answer and clarify all the rumours. Being a sensitive person, she wishes to keep her love life a secret.

Well, we understand her feelings but she should also know that hiding will spark more rumours and speculations being a celebrity. What do you say Katrina?


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